Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby (Don't) Come Back: Barry's Too Busy To Do His Job

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid -- the man who knows who's really important in Washington, D.C. -- has issued a statement indicating that Senators Obama and McCain need not, and should not, return to the nation's capital to participate in legislative debate on the Bush Administration's proposed Wall Street bailout bill. It is hard to know what is scarier. If Reid is correct, then the presidential candidates from both parties are irrelevant. If Reid is incorrect, then why is he still the majority leader in the Senate?

Note how the candidates have responded. Senator McCain believes he is relevant to solving our nation's economic problems -- especially given that, unlike Senator Obama, he warned about them two years ago. Senator Obama, in contrast, has bought into Reid's logic that the Democratic presidential candidate is expendible on the greatest regulatory change since the Great Depression.

Apparently Barry is too busy shooting hoops to be bothered with doing the job of a United States Senator.

Please note: The postings of "G. Morris", written by John K. Bush and which end in 2016, stated his views as of the dates of posting and should not be understood as current assertions of his views. The postings, which have not been altered since they came to an end, remain on this blog to preserve the historical record. In 2017, Mr. Bush took a position that precludes further public political comments or endorsements. He will no longer be contributing to this blog.

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