Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama Calls Off The Savage Attacks

According to, the Obama-Biden campaign has promised to cool it in the wake of Hurricane Ike:

With Ike coming ashore on Galveston Island in Texas and threatening Houston, a major oil processing center, the Democrat appeared likely to tone down a fearsome offensive against what he calls Republican John McCain's "lies."

Obama canceled a planned appearance on the cult comedy program "Saturday Night Live" as he anxiously followed the enormous storm's destructive path through the Gulf of Mexico, aides said.

In a telephone call to Houston Mayor Bill White, "Obama offered to do whatever he can to help, including using the Obama website to raise funds for relief efforts," campaign spokeswoman Linda Douglass said late Friday.

Obama had already appealed to his base of more than two million donors to contribute funds to help victims of Hurricane Gustav, which forced McCain to curtail the first day of the Republican convention on September 1.

The Democrat had been scheduled to hold a joint rally in Manchester, New Hampshire with his vice presidential running mate, Joseph Biden, on Saturday.

But aides said Biden was no longer coming, and it was probable that Obama would scale back his savage attacks on McCain of recent days to avoid a show of overt partisanship in Ike's potentially tragic trail.

Here's hoping that Obama and Biden will make the respite from their "savage attacks" a permanent change for their campaign.

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