Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McConnell Lead Increases to 17

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell released results of an internal poll that shows him up by 17 points. Here's the national take from Realclearpolitics:

McConnell is in fine shape in his bid for re-election, a new survey for his campaign finds. Though Democrats have plenty of Senate opportunities elsewhere, the Kentucky Republican doesn't look like one of them.

McConnell is viewed favorable by 52 percent of those polled, and unfavorably by 33 percent.

In comparison, check out Bruce Lunsford's numbers: 30 percent favorable, and 36 percent unfavorable. (Ouch!) More people don't like Lunsford than like him. Nor can Lunsford's high negatives be attributed to an anti-incumbent sentiment, because Lunsford, despite myriad efforts, has yet to win an election.

No wonder the guy is forced to pump his own millions into his own campaign; to know him is to dislike him.

Altogether, Lunsford has spent roughly $17 million to get himself elected to something, anything. He's not particular; he'll serve as governor or senator. Anything to plaster his mug all over our TVs. That's one pricey singles' ad.

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