Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama's Message To Wall Street And D.C. Beltway Friends: "Show Me The Money!"

The big money trail continues to lead to Obama. Last week we heard of the record sums contributed by his Hollywood donors. Today comes word, as reported by the LA Times, that Obama has also raked in more than McCain from Wall Street and D.C. Beltway types:

Obama received heavy support from lawyers last month, taking in $3 million to McCain's $1.7 million. He also outraised McCain in New York, the nation's banking center, collecting $2.7 million to McCain's $1.3 million.
. . . .
Throughout his campaign, Obama has said that he rejects the ways of Washington insiders. But he continues to outraise McCain in the Washington-Maryland-Virginia area, with $2.88 million to McCain's $2.4 million last month, and $28.5 million to McCain's $10.5 million since the campaign began.

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