Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama's Top Five Gaffes

We aren't the only ones who have noticed Obama's clumsiness while off teleprompter. Here are Obama's top five gaffes, as reported by College On the Record:

1. While in Pennsylvania, Obama called the Penn State football team the “Nittaly Lions.” They're actually the “Nittany Lions.” Joe Paterno, Penn State’s head coach, must have been upset.

2. When giving a speech at Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Obama mistakenly called the city “Sioux City.”

3. During a speech in Oregon earlier this month, Obama said he had visited “57” states over the past 15 months. This one has George W. written all over it. Although as Conan O’Brien joked, Bush would have likely said that Obama forgot two states, instead of calling him out on his gaffe.

4. Last May, Obama gave a speech where he said a tornado in Kansas had killed 10,000 people and destroyed an entire city. In actuality, only 12 were killed. Oops!

5. Finally, in a very recent interview, Obama, who clings to his Christian faith like a life preserver, stated that he didn’t blame McCain for his attacks on his “his Muslim faith.” The interviewer corrected him, and the gaffe raised new concerns that he is lying about his actual religion.

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