Tuesday, September 9, 2008

News Bias?

They say there is no bias in the news media. Tonight (Sept 9, 08) on NBC Evening News Brian Williams had Chuck Todd on to report the numbers on the campaign.

If they are not biased, then how come Chuck Todd uses the pronoun "we" for reporting Obama's numbers. Tonight it was how voters felt about their choice of presidential candidate. When he reported Senator Obama's good numbers he said, "although good they are not as good as we once had". This is the second time I have heard Chuck Todd use the pronoun "we" when reporting on Obama. I could attribute this to just a slip but I don't listen to NBC News a lot and to have heard it twice in about three weeks gives me an idea that Mr. Todd is in the biased media category. Maybe Gregory could fill in for him as well as Olbermann and Chris Matthews. That should fix everything.

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