Monday, September 29, 2008

Biden Demonstrates Comic Relief

CBS News reports this from Senator Joe Biden, who is prepping for Thursday's debate with Governor Sarah Palin:

As he exited the hotel for his dinner break, Biden was asked “Senator, can we get your reaction to the House bill not passing?” Biden interrupted the question with a “Hey folks,” to reporters and then said “Oh, things are going well.”

Biden’s press secretary, David Wade, sent an e-mail minutes later, saying “the senator thought you asked how prep was going” for this week’s debate with Gov. Sarah Palin.

Prior to Biden's departure, the press was moved further away from the hotel's exit, perhaps far enough away that it prevented Biden from clearly hearing the question.

He may not be as smart as Palin, but at least Biden can make us laugh -- which keeps us from crying on a day like today was.

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