Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bird Watchers are Voyeurs?

One sign from yesterday's protest march at the Republican National Convention has generated a lot of speculation, because no one understood it. Lucky us: we ran into the protester and were able to ask for clarification.

The brochure in the picture informed us that "according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, 48 million people watch birds. A private research group, the Good Conduct Society, has discovered Bird Watchers are more sexually active then others." Who knew?!

I want to know who paid for the study, and who participated. How about those of us who feed the birds, but don't watch them mate; are we aiding and abetting bird porn?

The defenders of bird privacy contend, moreover, that "the elderly find that Bird Watching is not strenuous. And this erotic experience can be enjoyed privately through binoculars."

The Endangered Species Act, coupled with a greying population, has produced some unintended consequences.

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