Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Countdown to Palin

It would not be possible to overstate the excitement and anticipation of Governor Sarah Palin's acceptance speech tonight. She's been in St.Paul polishing the speech for several days but did not attend any of the events scheduled before Sen. John McCain selected her to be his running mate.
The convention will focus on the themes of reform and prosperity. McCain campaign manager Rick Davis told reporters that today will offer a sharper contrast between the leadership styles and visions of McCain and Barack Obama. "We're getting a little more political tonight."

Davis criticized the "salacious nature" of much of the press coverage of Palin. Some of it, including a New York Times story that the paper was forced to retract, is "inappropriate" and "not factual."

Despite the smears, Palin remains a "bridge to many voters," including Democrats and independents. "This is a ticket that can unite the country," Davis said.

Davis said that Palin impressed McCain with her "tenacity for reform," and her extensive knowledge of energy -- a critical issue in this election. "Every candidate was fully vetted and went through exactly the same process."

Palin is scheduled to speak at approximately 9:30 C.D.T. following Rudy Giuliani,

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