Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Breath of Fresh Air.

Spending four nights watching the DNC was very painful. From early evening to the keynote speaker the Democrats successfully paraded the downtrodden before their faithful. It was painful to watch these people down on their luck as much as it was painful trying to understand their logic.

One lady from South Carolina stated that she did not attend school because she could get a job in the textile mill and live comfortable for the rest of her life. After the mill closed because jobs were going overseas she could not understand how this could happen and why it happened to her. She could not see the writing on the wall even though she worked in this mill for many many years. Now, out of a job she thinks Obama can make it right. What she is asking is for the government to make her comfortable for her poor "life decisions."

A good piece of advice, when ever you see the words "the government", substitute "we the tax payer" and you will get a new perspective on the statement. What she is asking is for "we the tax payer" to make her comfortable for her poor "life decisions."

OK, I am just mean spirited but I also pay personal taxes and then taxes on the business that I own. I pay a lot of taxes and I am one of the few that does not try to skirt my obligation of paying my fair taxes. I hate seeing people down on their luck and I try to help as many as I can that I think are deserving. I do hate to see my taxes spent on helping out those that are making poor life decisions or who do not like to exert themselves in the work place.

The next week it was the RNC. This was a breath of fresh air listening to how to we can cure our problems instead of parading those that can't seem to figure out that a good education and work ethic could go far.

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