Friday, October 31, 2008

Ann Coulter on Bruce Lunsford

Ann Coulter called Bruce Lunsford a "pinhead." Even worse, Coulter alluded to Lunsford as the guy Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is running against. It's like Lunsford doesn't even have a name. Now, however, he has a nickname: "pinhead."

PolitickerKy caught Coulter's comments on Fox:

Calling McConnell one of the two "smartest Republicans in the United States Senate," Coulter said the incumbent could be "hurt because Republicans are discouraged and don't go out to vote."

"If I could just say to voters of New Hampshire and Kentucky, please do not get rid of two of the smartest United States Senators - [New Hampshire Republican John] Sununu and McConnell," said Coulter to Fox anchor "And both of them are running against Democratic pinheads - vote for the smart Democrats, not these. Please. Please."

Shortly after those remarks were broadcast, the Lunsford campaign targeted Coulter's sentiment in an e-mail to supporters.

As Jake at PageOne notes, if Lunsford's campaign "hadn’t brought it up [Coulter's remark], no one would be laughing about it at this very moment."

Thanks, Bruce!

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