Saturday, October 18, 2008

Demo-blog On Boswell

The latest SUSA poll shows Republican Brett Guthrie is beating David Boswell by nine points to replace Rep. Ron Lewis. Or as BluegrassRoots put it, Guthrie is "trouncing" Boswell in Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District.

That's altogether fitting, because if you went to Central Casting to recruit a Republican to run for the district that encompasses Fort Knox, you'd get Brett Guthrie -- West Point grad, 101st Airborne with a masters from Yale (we'll overlook that last credential). His district is fortunate he's willing to serve his country yet again, this time in Congress.

BluegrassRoots doesn't much like the candidate it's stuck with. The Demo-blog called Boswell "a racist, misogynistic punk." That's way worse than anything Guthrie has ever said about Boswell. But then again, the Demo-blog is in a position to know, because Boswell is their guy.

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