Friday, October 24, 2008

Moonbat Alert

The Democrat who is challenging Rep. Ed Whitfield in Kentucky's 1st Congressional District is trying to explain the following, according to the headline from Page One: Did Heather Ryan Fake Her Own Death to Avoid Paying Rent?

Ryan moved out of her apartment before the lease ended and the landlord subsequently sued her to recover what she owed on the lease:

On September 20, 2006, her landlord sent a letter that claimed she wasn’t returning cell phone messages and that her local phone was disconnected. They promised legal action for the debt she owed.

Shortly after that letter was sent, the landlord received a letter signed by “Helena Ryan Spencer” - who claimed to be Heather’s sister. The letter claimed that Heather moved out because of her mother’s cancer. Aaaaaand… wait for it… claimed that Heather herself was killed in an automobile accident just hours after her mother died.

So, according to this report, Heather Ryan allegedly faked her death to get out of paying her rent.

In March 2007 her landlord discovered she was alive and took her to court. She lost a small claims case and paid over $1,900 to settle.

When Page One asked Ryan to explain, she admitted that she'd moved out early and owed the landlord money and intended to pay the debt. According to Ryan,

Anyway, several months later, I received a letter from the court in Paducah stating that the landlords were taking me to small claims court for breaking the lease. I didn’t dispute this - I signed the lease and I agreed that I needed to pay the additional rent. No dispute, I didn’t even contest the charges. Apparently this was my major mistake because I have no idea what they brought to court as “evidence”. I don’t know if they submitted paperwork from a “sister” (I have two brothers, no sisters, not sure where this came from). I don’t know if the Republican Party came up with this “letter from the dead sister” - I just don’t know. [Emphasis added.]

The charge that the Republicans faked the letter two years before she ran for Congress and inserted it into the court docket is about as realistic as Dennis Kucinich talking to space aliens.

Even assuming for argument's sake that the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy forged the letter, note Ryan's admission that she did not bother to read the court papers. If she won't read papers when she's the defendant, it's hard to imagine her pouring through a thousand page piece of legislation.

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