Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Rally

The following is a guest blog by Eric Bush:

Tonight I went to a Sarah Palin Rally. As a ten year old, this had been the first major political event I have attended. Most of the time, my fiend Jacob and I were wandering around trying to get images and footage for this blog. On the way to the rally, there was obviously a traffic delay, so I was one of the thousands of people who barely made it on time and didn't get a seat. In fact, I could barley even see Sarah, so I was looking at a projection screen. I was not alllowed to go inside the stage area, only secret service members were, because it was all filled up. But a nice lady took a picture for me. One thing I noticed was the kindness of the audience. I could make my way to the front without on complaint. I finally persuaded a security guard to let me in to film some, but only for about two minutes. There was a good turnout (15,000) including a surprisingly large percent of friends and neighbors. The conclusion of tonight was that out of all the events I've been to, (from football games to rock concerts) this was the friendliest crowd I've ever seen.

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knowitall said...

The media only takes snippets of the rallies that they feel will show a group attacking the Ivy-League illuminati. Therefore, we see her rallies full of angry and bitter people, when in fact, they're the opposite.