Thursday, October 23, 2008

Biden Needs A Pit Stop

Joe the Gaffer is at it again. As reported by AP from a campaign appearance in Charlotte, Biden said:

"John McClain. John McClain. Excuse me, John McCain. John McCain — I don't recognize him anymore," Biden said to laughter from several hundred supporters in attendance.

Biden then rattled along with this one:

Campaigning in NASCAR country, Biden employed car racing terminology for bumping to describe the contentious final days of the campaign. He told supporters in Charlotte that he's worried about how the Republicans have been acting as the two campaigns have been "trading a little paint" recently.

"What worries me most is the McCain campaign seems to have gotten a little loose," Biden said. "John's getting a little loose. He doesn't have much of a steady hand these days. Now's the time we most need a steady hand."

With Obama headed to Hawaii away from media attention, maybe Biden should take a pit stop of his own for some tightening of his lips, which seem to have "gotten a little loose".

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