Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kentucky Union Boss Becomes The Face Of Card Check

Kentucky AFL-CIO union president Bill Londrigan was caught on camera assaulting the cameraman at a family parade earlier this summer; the footage aired as an NRSC ad here. Londrigan is a big supporter of Bruce Lunsford in his race against Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, and has criticized McConnell for opposing legislation that would strip employees of private ballots in union elections.

Now, according to Hotair, footage of Londrigan -- "Union Boss Bill" -- may pop up in other states to put a quasi-human face on the "card check" issue.

Minnesotans are hoping that U.S. Chamber of Commerce will air a Londrigan ad there, where Republican Senator Norm Coleman is in a tight race against Al Franken. Not surprisingly, Coleman opposes "card check" as anti-democratic, whereas Franken supports it.

Kentuckians are renowned for our horses and our Bourbon, but our union bosses, not so much. Who would have guessed that of all the union heads around the entire country, Londrigan would become the face of "card check," the guy who wants to look over a worker's shoulder when she votes on whether the company should unionize. Personally, I'm prouder of our horses and Bourbon.

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