Friday, October 17, 2008

Boswell Called Out on DCCC Ad

The Bowling Green Daily News took Democratic Congressional candidate David Boswell to task for an ad -- the second such one -- by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The ad accuses Brett Guthrie of "shipping jobs to Mexico."

That is not so, according to the paper, and by failing to disavow it, Boswell condones the lie:

At this stage of the game we have to assume that 2nd Congressional candidate David Boswell condones a second set of television advertisements that say his opponent, 2nd Congressional candidate, Brett Guthrie’s company sent jobs to Mexico.

As you might recall several weeks ago the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a television advertisement saying that Guthrie’s company, Trace Die Cast, was shipping work to Mexico that should have stayed in Kentucky.

We took issue with Boswell at the time and now we take issue with him and the DCCC again for running a more recent advertisement saying that Trace Die Cast shipped work to Mexico. In the advertisement, Guthrie is heard speaking and a caption said that he sent jobs to Mexico.Mr. Boswell, this ad is simply not true and you have had plenty of opportunity’s to condemn these ads and tell the DCCC to stop running them, and instead you have sat idle while they continue.

That is a real shame.

During debates with Guthrie, Boswell has said he didn’t know the context of the advertisement, but he himself continues to appear in the ads.

This could suggest that he is working in lockstep with the DCCC.

The truth of the matter is that Trace had a contract to make a part and ship it to Mexico. All of the work was done at Trace Die Cast by employees of the company and shipped to Mexico and the part didn’t come back to Trace Die Cast.

Mr. Boswell, who has been in politics for a long time, should know better than this. He is allowing the DCCC, which knows nothing about the 2nd Congressional District in Kentucky, to run these ads that distort an American success story embodied in the Guthrie family.

Why doesn’t Boswell contact the DCCC and tell them to stop these inaccurate, distorted ads?

One can only speculate that Boswell condones the advertisements and is willing to ignore these distortions if they aid his campaign.

It is past time for David Boswell to admit that this advertisement was wrong and inaccurate and be a stand up guy and tell the DCCC to pull it immediately.

The residents of Bowling Green don't know how lucky they are to have an alternative to the lockstep liberalism of the Courier-Journal. Can you imagine the C-J condemning the DSCC, for example, for its smear of Mitch McConnell?

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