Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jim Webb: Obama's A Mountain Man Whose Folks Hail From Kentucky!

A substantial number of Democrats in Kentucky and other southern States will be voting for McCain, and how does a member of the French media explain it? They are all racists, of course.

France24.com "reports" that "Racist Democrats abandon Obama for McCain" and "Barack Obama's skin colour is turning small-town America Democrat voters towards his Republican rival, despite efforts from the Obama team to prortray him as an average American."

But Virginia Senator Jim Webb has just the argument for why the "racists" should support Obama: why, he's a mountain man just like you!

Virginia Senator Jim Webb, a "blue dog" conservative Democrat who wears his Scots-Irish heritage proudly, went to new lengths to belay the doubters when he introduced Obama at a rally in the state's rural southwest on Friday.

"We know Barack Obama's father was born in Kenya," he said in Roanoke, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Kentucky and West Virginia. Webb added: "Barack Obama's mother was born in Kansas, by way of Kentucky.

"We're going to see the election of the 14th president whose ancestry goes back to the mountain areas of this area," he said. "Barack Obama understands you. Barack Obama is like you. He knows what it's like to struggle."

Next they will say Obama is a rail splitter and grew up in a log cabin. Anything to win an election.

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