Friday, October 31, 2008

Martian or RINO?

Republican In Name Only Warren Stone has endorsed Democrat Michael Kelley, who is running in Kentucky's 4th Congressional District against Republican Rep. Geoff Davis.

Stone sought the Republican nomination but lost to Davis in the primary this past May.

In 1979, Stone reported to UFO Evidence that a flying saucer landed in his yard in Independence. Space aliens emerged and took him for a 90 minute ride.

In his own words,

The craft was round, shiny and bright. A hatch opened that formed a ramp down to the ground. The alien was a male human, long blond hair and very mild mannered, his name was Alan or Adam, I can't remember. There was a female with dark hair, but I didn't talk to her. He asked me if I would like to go for a ride, and I agreed. I could remember seeing my house from above, then all the houses in the area, then the blackness of space. Before I knew it we had returned. It felt strange to know how things looked from above because at that time I had never flown.

Stone explains his decision to endorse Kelley by analogizing to Colin Powell's endorsement of Sen. Barak Obama. We await the next installment of UFO Evidence to learn whether Powell has had any "close encounters."

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knowitall said...

There were plenty of left-wing illuminati who endorsed the GOP, and yet they went unnoticed, because it would mean the media that endorsed the elitist were wrong.