Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Biden Extols Obama's "White" Grandparents, And No One In The Mainstream Media Cares

ABC News reports that yesterday Joe Biden was his vintage self on the campaign stump, which isn't always so good. For example, he described his running mate this way:

“For those of you who wonder about Barack Obama, don't wonder, don’t wonder,” Biden urged the crowd. “I guarantee you, he feels as passionately about this as I do. He has the same measure, the same respect. Look folks, this is a guy who is the American dream, raised by a white grandmom and grandpop from Kansas, a grandfather who fought in Patton's Army, a grandmother who was the equivalent of Rosie the Riveter, building aircraft, a single mother.”
“Look folks, I'm getting tired of this stuff about Barack Obama," Biden said of what he called the "negative," "scurrilous," and "vicious" ads against the Illinois lawmaker. "But I guarantee you I know the guy and I know his family. And let me tell you something, this guy knows how much he owes this great country. And he knows it couldn't have happened anywhere else but the United States of America, so I don't want to hear about how different he is.

“I don't want to hear it,” Biden continued, pounding his chest for emphasis. “He's like me. He's like me! And all of you!”

(emphasis added)

What exactly was Biden trying to prove through his reference to the race of Obama's grandparents? Is Biden implying that Obama is more palatable -- as in, "He's like me!" -- because his grandparents were white? As in, it's okay to vote for Obama because he really isn't all that black?

If anyone in the McCain-Palin campaign had made such a statement, he or she would have excoriated by Obama supporters as a racist dullard. If Palin had said as much, you can bet Tina Fey would have been ready to pounce on it in her next SNL skit. But Biden, well Biden gets a yawn (assuming his remarks are even noticed) because, well . . . he's like Biden.

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