Saturday, October 25, 2008

Awaiting Feminist Outrage

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez revealed himself to be a male chauvinist pig when it comes to Gov. Sarah Palin, but no feminists have denounced his hate speech.

Chavez characterized Palin as: "poor thing;" "beauty queen;" "figurehead;" "she knows not what she's saying."

Venezuela depends on its oil income, which means it depends on foreign countries to import its oil; Venezuela supplies 11 percent of America's oil.

Sarah Palin has made clear that she would drill now to make America energy independent while renewable fuel technologies become commercially available. In fact, Palin would go further than Sen. John McCain on domestic drilling by allowing drilling in ANWR, the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. Palin therefore poses a bigger threat to Venezuela's oil market and Chavez's stronghold than anyone else on either ticket.

Sen. Joe Biden opposes drilling in ANWR but boasts that he is the champion of women because of his role in the Violence Against Women Act. It would follow that Joe the Gaffer will denounce Chavez's sexist comments about Palin. But first, his staff will have to rescue Veep wannabe from his undisclosed location and peel the duct tape off his mouth.

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