Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lunsford's Sticky Fingers and the Missing Debate Tape

Bruce Lunsford whines about Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell not debating him -- even though the two have debated already. Then today, at the third and final debate, Lunsford pinches a tape recorder that belongs to a Republican operative. Politickerky reportsLink,

A tape recorder left near Lunsford during the debate at Kentucky Dam Village by an National Republican Senatorial Committee staffer was allegedly picked up by the candidate after the debate, according to state Sen. President David Williams (R-Burkesville) and the NRSC staffer.
The staffer says he asked for it back, but Lunsford allegedly gave it to someone from his own campaign.

"He said 'No, you will not be getting this back,'" said Richard St. Onge, the NRSC tracker in question, of Lunsford's reaction for the request for the device.

The recorder was retrieved from the Lunsford camp shortly thereafter, and given to a Marshall County Sheriff, according to Lunsford consultant Achim Bergmann.

Bergmann said a staffer had the recorder and returned it to a police officer.
Marshall County Sheriff R.K. Byars confirmed he was given the device by the Lunsford camp and returned it to St. Onge.

The McConnell camp reports a substantial amount of recordings from the device were erased, but Bergmann said he was unaware of that fact and said no one from the campaign would have erased the device.

Williams wielded the returned recorder in front of reporters and called the incident "a criminal action."

"Mr. Lunsford will be lucky if someone doesn't swear a warrant out for him today in district court," added Williams, alleging the supposed activity was "theft.

"How is that theft?" asked Bergmann when told of Williams' comments.

The Democratic consultant said he couldn't see how the incident constituted a crime.

McConnell's camp said they were considering how to proceed.

Lunsford pinches the tape of the debate and then returns it partially erased -- and his campaign sees nothing wrong with this. It's the sort of ethical standards that former Lunsford investors have come to expect.

Lunsford had a supporter dress as a chicken and stalk McConnell because McConnell refused to debate Lunsford yet a fourth time. Maybe a McConnell supporter should follow Lunsford dressed as Richard Nixon.

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