Friday, October 10, 2008

NYT Hates McConnell Ad

Any day a conservative makes the New York Times mad -- now that's a good day. The Old Grey Lady loathes Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's internet ad (discussed below). The ad criticizes DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer for his far left positions on every conceivable issue. Schumer, of course, hand-picked Bruce Lunsford to run against McConnell, a point the Times ignores.

The so-called Paper of Record, bizarrely, accuses McConnell of being anti-Semitic, because the ad shows Schumer's picture surrounded by dollar signs.

Here's a news flash for the Times: Schumer and the DSCC have raked in $45 million from investment bankers in the last two election cycles. Schumer took money from the Wall Street tycoons and is spending it to run ads against McConnell in Kentucky. That's the reason that dollar signs swim around Schumer's face; his religion is irrelevant.

Displaying the lack of humor that has caused its circulation to drop ten percent last quarter, the Times even complains that the narrator of McConnell's ad says "badda bing" in a New York accent. Pinch Sulzberger's is hurt and offended.

The Times has overplayed its hand. By ranting about the McConnell ad, the paper has given free publicity to an ad that hasn't even appeared on the air yet.

It is not clear if the ad — which is now making its way across the Internet — will be put up on television. Mr. McConnell may be counting on it spreading virally, and producing publicity as people start to react to it.

If the ad was not already viral, thanks to the Times it will be soon. That saves the McConnell campaign from spending money on advertising. Good job, Pinch.

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