Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama's Fantasy Football v. McCain's Real Players

Here's a sharp contrast to the news that Obama's ACORN friends tried to register voters fraudulently using professional football players names. The Morning Journal reports:

Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain brought his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, to Strongsville [Ohio] yesterday for a rally, where some of the biggest cheers were given to surprise guests Brady Quinn and Joe Thomas of the Cleveland Browns.

The Strongsville Police Department estimated about 6,000 enthusiasts attended the rally at the Walter F. Ehrnfelt Recreation Center on Royalton Road, many arriving hours early to wait for a chance to see the decorated war hero and his charismatic vice-presidential candidate.
. . . .
After Palin's remarks, Quinn and Thomas were accompanied by an earsplitting endorsement as they strode out to the podium in the center of the audience. The two NFL players, dapper in suits and ties, towered over Palin and the McCain family.

"Tonight we have a great hero among us," Quinn told the crowd. "Sen. McCain embodies the American spirit. He never quit, and he kept fighting for freedom."

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