Thursday, October 2, 2008

Order of Purple Heart Complains About Lunsford's Clinic

As discussed below, the Order of the Purple Heart in Arkansas asked for a Congressional investigation into veteran complaints that Bruce Lunsford's company, Valor Healthcare, gave them shoddy medical care.

Specifically, the Arkansas vets question how Valor was able to qualify for a contract that was supposed to be awarded to "small businesses," given that the "former CEO and majority stockholder of Valor Healthcare [Lunsford] was fined $ 104 million by the Department of Justice for defrauding healthcare programs in 2001."

Lunsford, a multi-millionaire with a stake in many companies and ventures, is not exactly the paradigm of a small businessman.

The resolution contends that the quality of health care deteriorated after Valor took over the clinic -- and resulted in the amputation of one vet's finger and and foot.

The Order of the Purple Heart passed the resolution on March 8, 2008 --before Kentucky Democrats selected Lunsford as their nominee.

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