Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Did Just Fine

What a relief to see the return of the Gov. Sarah Palin who thrilled us with her convention speech. I was afraid that the handlers had brainwashed her, or substituted a clone (where was Tina Fey during the Katie Couric interview, and does she have an alibi?)

Right from the start, we could see that Sarah was back. She took to the stage, shook Sen. Joe Biden's hand and asked if she could call him Joe. It underscored that she is not a Beltway insider, and also her cheekiness.

Then as Biden was giving one of his first responses, the split screen showed Palin busily taking notes. Until she suddenly looked up, directly into the camera, and smiled at America. It was so distracting from Biden that the camera quickly cut away.

Biden was much better than I had expected. He wasn't a jerk. His sentences were comprehensible. He only leered twice. We didn't have to look at the hair plugs overly much. And I didn't hear any major mistakes, other than confusing Hezbollah with Hamas.

In fact, Biden was better than Sen. Barack Obama at making the charge that McCain-Palin has not distinguished itself from the Bush Administration. To some extent, he's right. Team McCain has to say what all know to be true: the Bush Administration failed because it abandoned conservative tenets. McCain-Palin implicitly have made this point when they promise to control spending and the like.

Time is running out; it's time to be explicit. Cut the Bush Administration loose. It would not be possible to throw it under the bus, because it's been road kill for a long, long time.


The Pagan Temple said...

Excellent analysis. I would add that McCain is hampered by this maddening urge to appear "bipartisan" and to not engage in "negative campaigning". He should really let Palin do the bulk of his campaigning. VP candidates are traditionally supposed to be the attack dogs of a campaign, but in her case, she can stick the knife in and twist it with a smile on her face.

The sad irony is if they don't win this election, Palin doesn't have a chance of getting the Presidential nomination in 2012. There are too many George Wills in the party who don't want to see that happen.

usakenya said...

John Mccain and sarah palin will be great for this country. They love this country and our constitutional freedoms. Obama does not. To me its obvious that he hates freedoma nd despises our constitution. He is attacking freedom by threating stations for airing ads that critize him and his policies. he has proven over and over that he dislikes this country and yet he has gotten this far. How is that possible? that is insane. No sane american should vote for him. Even hard core democrats should not support his big goverment, heavy tax burden on the family and most of all his attacks on our constitution. John mccain and his campaign should attack him heavy on these issues and on his radical liberal actions.

KyDem said...

McCain has lost all of his honor. He himself said that a campaign goes negative when they can't compete on the issues. Sarah Palin is a total moron. Anyone that takes McCain and Palin serious can't be taken seriously. If Obama hates the Constitution so much then why did he teach Constitutional Law for 12 years. Obama is clearly the only choice for President and anybody who doesn't see that is blinded by their own racism.

KyDem said...

Oh and one other thing. If sarah palin loves the country so much why is her husband a member of a group that wants to pull Alaska from the Union. Why did she give a speech at the same groups convention? If given the choice sarah palin would rip a star off of our great flag.