Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yarmuth and Chandler Are Exempt From The C-J's Criticism Of House Vote

The Courier-Journal today takes to task the House Republicans who voted against the bailout legislation on Monday:

Particularly galling was the defection of most House Republicans, who generally explained their opposition to the bailout either as a matter of principle or accused the Democrats of causing its defeat.

Nonsense. The notion of a principled stand has no application to the House GOP, which has acquiesced to the Bush administration on ruinous tax cuts, the unnecessary war in Iraq and condoning torture. This resistance to a Bush measure was a craven attempt to play to the anti-bailout mood of the public, which will prove temporary once the pain cuts more broadly.

In contrast, the C-J makes no mention of Congressmen John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler -- both Democrats who also voted no.

One would think from reading the C-J's editorial that House Republicans controlled the fate of the bill on Monday. Except that, last time we checked, the Democrats have the majority in Congress -- and, unlike in the Senate, the Republicans have no filibuster power in the House.

It would be nice if the C-J would at least place some blame on the Democrats at least some of the time for the nation's ills. Count on Obama putting lipstick on a flying pig before that happens.

Update: On Politico's list of Congressmen who may change their vote from nay to aye, neither Yarmuth nor Chandler is mentioned. Nor is any other member of the Kentucky delegation. So much for the influence of the C-J's editorial board!

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