Thursday, October 2, 2008

McConnell Leads Lunsford

While McConnell took on the dangerous task of herding votes for the economic recovery legislation, Lunsford continued to sit on the fence. In a news report last night, WHAS11 could not get an answer from Lunsford as to whether he supports or opposes the bill. Nor have we been able to find an answer from Lunsford in today's news. Lunsford's silence speaks volumes as to who is a true leader in the Senate race.

Speaking of leading, the latest Rasmussen poll has McConnell up nine points over Lunsford:

Rasmussen's poll of 500 "likely" voters, conducted on Sept. 30, gives McConnell a 51 to 42 percent lead over Lunsford, with 2 percent of respondents choosing "other" - though no other candidates are on the ballot - and 5 percent indicating they were "not sure" of their choice.

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