Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yarmuth Primes To Switch His Vote

The New York Times provides further evidence that Congressman John Yarmuth is about to change his vote to yes on the economic recovery legislation:

Representative John Yarmuth, Democrat of Kentucky, says he does not need to watch television or check the Internet to know how the stock market is faring these days. All he has to do is check in with his office and ask if the phones are ringing.

Since Monday afternoon, when Mr. Yarmuth voted against the plan, the constituents calling his office have swung from almost universal opposition to the bill to evenly split.

“Before the vote on Monday, I think our count was 965 to 60,” Mr. Yarmuth said, describing the wave of sentiment against the plan. “On Tuesday, after the market dropped,” he said, “the calls started out in the morning saying, ‘why don’t you do something.’ Once the market came back, they started evening out again. Now they are running about 50-50.”

Mr. Yarmuth said that several of the new provisions could potentially sway his vote. He checked in with his staff on Wednesday morning and learned that constituent feedback was closely tracking the stock markets, he said.

“This morning when the market was off a couple of hundred points, they said the calls were coming in saying do something, and when the market was up they stopped,” Mr. Yarmuth said. “So people are following the market pretty closely.”

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